Don't let your mattresses end up in landfill. Team up with Gateway Mattress.


In addition to building quality sleep products, Gateway Mattress follows California’s Waste Hierarchy. Each day we process for reuse or recycling mattresses that would otherwise end up in the landfills. By sending your mattresses to Gateway you are doing your part for the environment and helping to keep mattresses out of the landfills, and mattress recycling fees to a minimum.

During the course of a regular business month Gateway recycles approximately 10,000 mattresses. That’s right 120,000 mattresses per year. Simply put; “we know what we are doing and do it right”. The processing of 120,000 mattresses per year equates to approximately 4,800,000 lbs. of materials that do not enter a landfill and are either reused or recycled into other products.

If you have used mattresses to get rid of, contact us and we can help. We guarantee the beds we receive will either be processed for reuse or recycling and NONE will enter the landfills. For larger quantities and commercial customers we can pick up the old beds from your facility on our trucks saving you time and money on transportation.

Even if you did not purchase your new beds from us give us a call and in most cases we can pick up your used beds and you can rest assured that if we pick up your used beds they will never enter a landfill.

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